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Let them sniff

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Does your dog constantly stop and sniff when on a walk? Maybe they pull you over to a lamp post or patch of grass. Let them! It's got so many benefits for them

Benefits of sniffing

The importance of allowing your dog that extra couple of minutes sniffing is huge. Five minutes training our dog tires them out as much as an hour’s physical exercise. And so does five minutes spent sniffing. It's their brains that are working as well as their noses. For active dogs time spent sniffing can take the edge off their unfocussed energy. Allowing them time to sniff helps them to see what's happening in their environment as well as lowering their stress levels.

For worried reactive dogs, sniffing can help them feel more secure - as they have spent time working out whether it is safe or there is something to be worried about.

More importantly, for all dogs a chance to sniff fulfils a major part of their sensory needs - as much as physical and mental exercise does and as much as play does. Sniffing makes them happy and gives them an outlet for their hard-wired natural behaviours. So often we ignore this vital part of our dogs’ needs because we just don’t understand it.

This is why Wags & Whiskers Walks allow plenty of time to sniff on walks, I take the pack to new areas in Warrington to get their noses & brains working even harder!

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